New York, Owego District

George Gabello, HMS II, NY DOT, Owego, NY

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Reflectorized Section

Location: RT 17, 3 miles west of Appalachian, Tioga County
Length of Reflectorized Section: Mn 3233 to mm 3231 = 2/10–3/10 miles
Reflectors Installed: Sep. 1999
Reflector Installation Design: Directed across highway and staggered
Terrain: Level with Curves and slightly hilly
Deer-Vehicle After Dark Crash History Prior to Installation: Records were not available
Deer-Vehicle After Dark Accident History After Installation: 1999: 0
2000: 0
Period of Study Sep 1999 to Mar 2001
Yearly Reduction in Accidents 1999: 100%
2000: 100%

Average Reduction: 100%

Remarks: Deer-vehicle collisions are typically not recorded. Our personal experiences in the Reigon have been that a great amount of deer have and are always present, but that the reflectors have been 100% effective in reducing the collisions. Deer are observed to stay along side of the highway and not cross after dusk when vehicles are present. There has been a noticeable reduction in small animal hits such as raccoons and foxes in the reflectorized section.

—George Gabello