New Jersey Turnpike 1999 Annual Report

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The following is an excerpt from the New Jersey Turnpike 1999 Annual Report:

Turnpike Steps Up Safety With Animal Deterrent System

The Turnpike Authority has taken steps to ensure the safety of its patrons and New Jersey's wildlife through a pilot program using the state-of-the-art Strieter-Lite Wild Animal Highway Warning Reflector System. The Authority embarked on this pilot program in mid-1999 based on a study of vehicle accidents resulting from deer attempting to cross the mainline. Installed in September 1999, the system will be evaluated over a two-year period to determine its effectiveness.

Located between Milepost 14.5 and 15.4, this system discourages deer from crossing the roadway by reflecting the headlights of oncoming vehicles onto the side of the roadway. These reflections frighten the deer and discourage them from entering the road.

The Strieter-Lite Wild Animal Warning Reflector is one of the few systems that does not affect deer migration patterns and does not present any physical barriers between the deer and their destination.

New Jersey Turnpike Authority Benefit/Cost Analysis

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Information Provided by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority

Wildlife Reflectors Benefit/Cost Analysis

Anthony S. Nardone, Engineer Assistant

Benefit/Cost Analysis—20 year period

Unit cost per mile: $10,247

Annual maintenance cost: $1,255 per yr/per mile

Costs (per 1.15 miles) Disbenefits
Labor: $1,990 Accidents: $5,000 each
Equipment: $641
Materials: $9,185
$11,816 / 1.15 miles = $10,274 per mile


Total number of accidents = 77

77 accidents / 2 years = 38.5 accidents/per year

38.5 accidents ($5,000) per accident = $192,500 average yearly payout for deer accidents.


A chart showing that, given 30 deer-vehicle accidents per year, and given that the Strieter-Lite system reduces accidents to near zero, the maintenance of the Strieter-Lite system is one one-hundred-fiftieth as expensive as unchecked accidents.


EUAC (a) = $10,274 (A/P, 6%, 20) + $1,255 = $2,150

EUAC (b) = $192,500

B/C Ratio: $192,500/2,150 = 89.5

Note: B/C > 1 Justifies Spending—B/C < 1 means that spending is not justified.

B/C Ratio Computed for Various Reductions in Accidents

100% Reduction:

80% Reduction:

60% Reduction:

40% Reduction:

photo of the site after Strieter-Lite installation

New Jersey Turnpike Authority Report

Sean M. Hill, P.E., Projects Specification Engineer, New Jersey Turnpike Authority

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Reflectorized Section

September 1999–March 2001

Location: New Jersey Turnpike mp 14 to 15
Length of Reflectorized Section: 1.00 mile
Reflectors Installed: September 1999
Reflector Installation Design: Directed across highway and staggered
Terrain: Level
Deer-Vehicle After Dark Accident History Prior to Installation: 19 crashes over 3 years
Deer-Vehicle After Dark Accident History After Installation: 0
Average Reduction: 100%

Reflector Purchases

Initial Purchase 8/99: 500
Subsequent Purchases 7/00: 100