Mexico, New York

James Tompkins, Asst. Resident Engineer, NYS DOT

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Reflectorized Section

Location: State Route 3
5.8 Mi N of Mexico
RP 3-3401-3210 to 3-3401-3229
Length of Reflectorized Section: 1.9 mi
Reflectors Installed: 1996
Reflector Installation Design: Directed across highway and staggered
Terrain: Slightly hilly, level, and curves
Deer-Vehicle After Dark Crash History Prior to Installation: Unknown
Deer-Vehicle After Dark Accident History After Installation: Reduced
Period of Study 1996–Mar 99

Remarks: Actual number of deer/vehicle collisions are not compiled at this office. However, information received from crews that pick-up the animals have indicated a reduction in the number of animals hit on this section of highway.