Illinois State Toll Way Authority Report

The Illinois Toll Way Authority installed 322 Strieter-Lite reflectors on August 14, 1996 on I-90 north of Rockford, IL. The Toll Authority reports that there have been continued reductions in deer accidents since the installation.

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photo of the site after Strieter-Lite installation

Due to the Tollway Authority experiencing satisfactory results on this test, they have issued contracts to install over 2,200 reflectors at four new sites on I-90 between Rockford and Elgin.

Reflector Purchases

Initial Purchase 8/96: 322
Subsequent Purchases 2/97: 20
7/97: 40
11/97: 20
3/99: 20
4/00: 940
6/00: 1,353
8/00: 45