Fairfax County, Virginia Report

Rick Larson, Master Police Officer, Fairfax County, Virginia

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Reflectorized Section

September 1999–May 2000

Location: Telegraph Road from South Kingshighway thence S/E
Length of Reflectorized Section: 0.50 miles
Reflectors Installed: September 1999
Reflector Installation Design: Directed across highway and staggered
Terrain: Level with Curves
Deer-Vehicle After Dark Accident History Prior to Installation: 1996: 8
1997: 8
1999: 8
Deer-Vehicle After Dark Accident History After Installation: 1999: 0
Yearly Reductions 1999: 100%

Reflector Purchases

Initial Purchase 6/99: 240
Subsequent Purchases 8/00: 750
photo of the site after Strieter-Lite installation