United States

California, Idaho, Nevada and Utah

Lauren Keller
Phone: 775-241-0535
Fax: 775-241-0535
Email: [email protected]

Texas, New Mexico and Maine

Environmental Engineering and Geotechnics
Mark Owens
Phone: 817-838-0330
Fax: 817-838-7722
Email: [email protected]

New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware

Garden State Highway Products, Inc.
Bob Green
Phone: 800-338-5685
Fax: 856-692-6797
Email: [email protected]

New York and Pennsylvania

George Gabello
Phone: 607-748-0338
Email: [email protected]


John Mansavage
Phone/Fax: 920-563-6209
Email: [email protected]


Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon and N.W.T.

Al Russell, Sales Manager
Alberta Traffic Supply Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta
Phone: 800-661-7346 or 780-440-4114
Fax: 780-440-1326
Email: [email protected]

Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario

George Jakeman, General Manager
Guardian Traffic Services Ltd
Phone: 306-522-0511
Fax: 306-565-8808
Email: [email protected]

British Columbia

Ken Davies, General Manager
Inprotect Systems Inc.
Phone: 800-720-1065 or 604-530-9908
Fax: 604-530-9179
Email: [email protected]

Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland

James McDonald
Partners Metals Inc.
Phone: 506-454-8028
Fax: 506-455-7451
Email: [email protected]

For all other states contact:

John R. Strieter
2100 Eighteenth Avenue, Ste. 1
Rock Island, Illinois 61201-3611
Phone: 309-794-9800
Fax: 309-788-5646
E-mail: [email protected]