The Strieter-Lite System Is Cost-Effective Within the First Year

The typical cost for one mile of reflectors ranges from $3,400–$4,000, depending upon quantities purchased. Most reflectors average 12.5 years of service thus costing only $272 to $320 per mile per year. The total cost of installation with posts and labor is $7,000–$10,000 per mile. Since the cost of a deer-auto collision is $2,500, the Strieter-Lite is cost effective within the first year where there are only two to three collisions per mile per year prevented.

Thereafter the cost is negligible; only maintenance expenses are required. Based on several states' maintenance records, the cost per mile per year to maintain the reflectors is $500.

As you can see from the graph below, since the maintenance cost is negligible, the savings increase each year as the Strieter-Lite continues to prevent deer-auto collisions.

A line graph showing that if only two accidents are prevented each year, the Strieter-Lite system pays for itself within two years.